Alton’s Number One Hair Salon

Shalon White Meet Shalon White

The Woman Behind Shalon Salon

A native of Alton, IL, Mrs. Shalon White graduated from Alton High School and Academy of Hair in St. Louis, MO.

Shalon has been styling hair since she was in the 6th grade and knew back then that it was her gift. She worked at Moderne Hair Concepts for 17 years and owned that establishment for 7 of those years. In 2015, she decided to open a one-chair salon named “Shalon Salon” at 130 Front St in Alton, IL so that she could cater to all her clients’ needs, such as ensuring that they could unwind to jazz music and enjoy complimentary wine, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or water.

Shalon has volunteered her hair services to the Boys & Girls Club of Alton, and she also provides free services to clients who are going through chemo. Shalon also provides free hairstyling services for women who are re-entering the workforce and need to have an interview-ready style.

Whenever a client has dealt with the death of a close family member, she will surprise them with a free service and will come in on her day off to make them feel extra special during their time of grieving. Shalon is noted for going beyond the call of duty for her clients. Shalon has also volunteered for the past 5 years with the A Precious Organization and the Madison County Urban League.

Shalon states that watching her single mom work hard to provide and instill in her children the ethic that “as long as you work hard and never depend on anyone, you can achieve anything in life!” has been her driving inspiration.

Shalon is happily married to Christopher and they have two beautiful children, Julion and Jessica, four bonus children, a wonderful daughter-in-law, Heather, and a very active granddaughter, Jaylee.

Shalon has worked on movie sets, photo shoots, fashion shows, and music videos. Shalon Salon was one of Deluxe Corporation’s 12 Small Business Revolution candidates, and Shalon was featured in several photo shoots and interviews for the show.